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Welcome to Iron River Knife Works

Today Iron River Knife Works carries on the art of traditional knife making. Knives are among the earliest human tools, and from those ancient roots come many traditions.  Even the earliest examples feature fine embellishment, skilled metallurgy, elegant design. Here in the upper peninsula of Michigan we forge our own steel, forage for precious hardwoods, harvest antlers and other materials for the handles.  We create our own unique pins, carve and fit handles individually and include sturdy custom made leather sheaths to protect you when you are carrying your Iron River Knife Works knife.

Our knives are made to last many lifetimes from the best materials obtainable. We work with passion and enthusiasm to create each knife, one at a time. Each painstaking step requires careful attention to detail to produce a tool that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.  Iron River Knife Works knives are a joy to hold and work with, each designed for a specific purpose.  Whether you choose your knife from our sporting styles (custom hunting knife, unique fishing knife) as a kitchen accessory, one of our very detailed chainsaw damascus pieces or even as a collectible object d'art you will receive the best we have to offer.  That's our commitment to the art and tradition of knife making.

Iron River Knife Works

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